Cart Before the Horse

This is a blog about a Kindle book, and if the Kindle Flip Webpage is not above then please go here.

I started to write this book [the 10 pages or so above] 5 years ago at the time I moved from Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia up the road about 100 klms to the Daintree area, right on the beach, in what is termed a donga.

That was before Kindle came to be and since it has, I got so involved in making Kindle books for others at that I never got any further with the cooking book.

There have been plenty of times when I have thought "now I must include this creation in my book" but because I had never set up the structure of the book it seemed all to hard to do it bit by bit.

But then the requests for the book started to flow in [ummmm, at least my elder son reminded me to share some of the recipes I had used to cook meals for the kids back in early 1990s].

So I then thought that as I would have a blog attached to the flip webpage [as I do for customers' books] then why not do the snippets one by one in no particular order in the blog [and maybe later copy/paste to the book].

So that is what I am doing.

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