Breakfast McCamping

Here is a convenient breakfast offering for camping that avoids the need for packing heaps of stuff and on site messy preparation.  I simply pack 3 of these frozen delights and reheat over the camp stove while sipping coffee before heading out to the Red Claw pots in my canoe.
I prepare these 6 at a time as eggs come in a 6 pack and so does shortcut bacon and freeze them for the trip.  So we start by toasting 6 slices of thick bread and after basting in butter in a thick cast iron frying pan we use a sharp egg lifter to cut out a square, essentially making an egg ring.
Break an egg into a Balti dish and pour it into the hole slowly, waiting for the cooked egg to bind it all together.  Insert the cut-out square towards the end of this process and flip it over to give other side a seal.
Forgot to say that we have already fried the bacon and set aside, so lodge one slice on top and flip again to bind bacon into the rest.
Seal each one in a sandwich zip-lock bag and pop into freezer.  I will add a photo of the reheat process on the next camping trip.

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